I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist with over 30+ years experience in the built environment.

What I am

I am a Chartered Architectural Technologist and member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT).

I have also been the Chairman for the CIAT Europe Centre since 2015

To find out what the role of a Chartered Architectural Technologist is and how important an Architectural Technologist is to the architectural design team take a look at the following article on the CIAT website:  „What is a Chartered Architectural Technologist?

​My Experience

I have worked within the UK built envirnment for over 30 years and have been involved in a wide range of projects that have included small scale domestic extensions, historic buildings, nursery schools, specialist surgery units, commercial developments and even spa facilities for race horses to name just a few.

Following my relocation to Germany in 2003, I set up my own CIAT registered Practice providing freelance architectural design and visualisation services to architects, property developers and contractors in the UK. The Practice operated for over 16 years before being closed for business on 3 June 2019 due to uncertainties with regards to the UK's decision to leave the EU.


During those 16 years, I developed an excellent reputation for not just my professionalism and quality of service, but also my proactive approach towards the entire design process as a whole. That reputation ensured that my Practice was engaged on a diverse range of projects. A high number of those projects were with repeat clients with whom excellent working relationships had been maintained and nurtured.

My Professional Qualifications:


​​​​My  Mission

My mission is to deliver projects than do more than "just meet the requirements" and that provide people with spaces and structures that they want to use and will enjoy using: sustainable, low energy structures that can exist in harmony within their natural surroundings.

New Beginings

After 16 years working freelance I am now looking for full time positions within German companies to in order to take my qualifications and experience to another level. We cannot and should not, ever stop learning!

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